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Top 50 Men’s Teams – 2019 Final World Rankings
Submitted By: The Broomball Magazine on April 17, 2019 at 10:28:49 PM

The Mag is back with the click-popping World Top 50! This issue leads the site in views, year in, year out.
You already know the preamble - "Based on appearances, order of finish, no “yeah buts” blah,blah,blah!!! "

Load em up and let em rip!

1. Ottawa Nationals – ON
The undisputed, reigning, defending...... no wait, that’s Paul Heyman’s promo!
Anyhow.... these guys were so damn good this year they should be ranked 1, 2 and 3!
World Champion, National Champion and Provincial Champion. Hello? Is there anyone else out there?

2. Patriotes – QB
Google translated all the words we didn’t learn at The International.
Mag is probs moving to Montreal next year cuz we are now damn near fluent. It just flows like a fine French champagne. Avec les bleu. Neuf est l’homme!
Patriotes, who had a strong Pogo looking flair to the roster, keychained the QB Provincial and CBF Nattie.

3. As de St. Coeur de Marie – QB
Bronze at Nat and we believe Gold at Provincials. Is it a talent share with As Lac St. Jean? If not
Siri sez “recalculate” stupid Mag!

4. Legion BC – USA
USA Broomball National Champions are the first of the Yanks to appear. Some played at World, most played in Meltdown, North Americans, Syracuse Can/AM, International and Nationals. The two podcast jockeys pass Cicero for most miles travelled in one year!

5. Kelly Lake – MN
Were well on their way to the undisputed #2 spot in the World if they could have completed the natural hat trick. Needed to follow up their State and International Championship with a Nattie.

6. MN Chiefs – MN
Eight total minutes away from being World and National Champion. Ouch, that will leave a scar.

7. Minto Selects – ON
Ontario Provincial runner-ups

8. Lacombe – ON
3rd in the Province, 4th at Nationals

9. C&L Excavating – MN
North American Champions

10. Gladiateurs - QB
World Q-Finalist, 3rd in Provincials

11. Ballbroomers – ON
12. Bruno Axemen – SK
13. Odessa Renegades – SK
14. Sphinx – QB
15. Bison – MB
16. Sun Devils – USA
17. Furious – MN
18. Phantoms – ON
19. Balgonie Barons – SK
20. HPQ Silicon – QB
21. Chiefs – QB
22. QT Quebec
23. Syracuse Outlaws - NY
24. Border City Bulldogs – ON
25. Tecumseh Warriors – QB
26. Nordic Stars – MN
27. Golden Boys – ON
28. Stealth – QB
29. C+ - USA
30. Fat Les Selects – ON
31. Daniel la Source du Sport – QB
32. Switzerland National Team
33. Sticks&Stones – MN
34. Lethbridge – AB
35. Valley Canucks – ON
36. Flames – MN
37. A Few Good Men – ON
38. Wolves – MN
39. Italy National Team
40. Rochester United
41. Calgary – AB
42. EOQ Legends – ON
43. NJ Saints – NJ
44. MN Bombers – MN
45. Cornerbrook – NF
46. Vankleek Hill Vikings – ON
47. Edmonton – AB
48. Special K – ON
49. Watkins Legion – MN
50. OH Bombers - OH

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