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American Men Top 20 – Final 2019 Rankings
Submitted By: The Broomball Magazine on April 16, 2019 at 10:55:26 AM

1. Legion BC – USA
Legion makes history! They become the first team outside the State of Minnesota to ever capture the Men’s Class A National Championship. They earned this title by beating the best in the country, and exercised a few demons along the way. A quarter-final OT win over C&L Excavating, as well as a semi-final OT victory over Kelly Lake broke a lengthy streak of heart-breaking OT L’s this year. They sealed the deal with a come from behind victory over the MN Chiefs in the Championship contest. ANYBODY who can beat those three teams in succession has earned the right to call themselves the best team in America. This was no fluke either. It represented Legion’s 3rd trip to the National title game in the last four years. No other team in the country has as many appearances over that time frame. The Mag salutes you.

2. Kelly Lake – Apple Valley MN
The Laker’s were in unfamiliar territory travelling outside the confines of the Twin City metro area. They were also facing the daunting task of trying to win their 3rd Major Championship in the span of six weeks. They very well may have completed the task if not for surrendering a last minute goal to Legion in the semis. The late lead giveaway led to a controversial penalty in the ensuing OT, which then led to an immediate power play goal and an earlier than expected exit.

3. MN Chiefs - Richfield MN
Most teams would be completely satisfied with an appearance in the World Championship game AND the National Championship game. The Mag knows this crew pretty well however, and keychains were never their goal when they formed this squad. We called them the next dynasty two seasons ago, and while they have certainly played some very good broomball in their two years of existence, the titles have been few and far between.

4. C&L Excavating – Albertville MN
The team formerly known as Geez was able to capture the North American Championship in what has been rumored to be their final year. We they return with new faces? The Mag hopes so, this franchise has had a long history in the sport.

5. Furious – Mpls MN
A QF OT win over the Outlaws, and a pool play win over the National Champions returns Furious to a top five spot,

6. Syracuse Outlaws – Syracuse NY
Added some Barrie’s legends for an A side run at Nats. #6 is the highest this squad has ever been ranked! A very good season for NY’s best.

7. Nordic Stars – Mpls MN
Earned a spot to the A side quarters at Nats

8. C+ - Eastern USA
The 3rd non-Minny team to appear in the top eight shows the continued growth and success of the sport nationwide. They competed in the Triple Crown and in Vegas!

9. Sticks&Stones – Apple Valley MN
Could very well be a top five team if they played a full schedule?

10. Flames – Mpls MN
A return in 18/19 with sweet sweaters and a brand new Class B national Championship!

11. Wolves – Blaine MN
12. Rochester United – Rochester MN
13. New Jersey Saints – Atlantic City NJ
14. MN Bombers – Mpls MN
15. Watkins Legion – Watkins MN
16. Ohio Bombers – Dayton OH
17. Muskrats – Blaine MN
18. Station 280 – St. Paul MN
19. Indy Invaders – Columbus IN
20. Tie Ice Mafia – Mpls MN
Mel’s Boys – Blaine MN

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