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Previous International Champions
Submitted By: The Broomball Magazine on October 26, 2018 at 12:26:47 PM

2018 Champion Barrie's Tavern - 2nd Place C&L Excavating
2017 Champion C&L Excavating - 2nd Place Sun Devils
2001 Champion USA Blue - 2nd Place Regina Silver Screen Bruins
1995 Champion Hansen Sports - 2nd Place Lovegreen
1994 Champion Hansen Sports - 2nd Place Thunderbay Broomhandler's
1992 Champion Alliance Steel - 2nd Place St Paul Park VFW
1991 Champion Rockets - 2nd Place Bruno Axemen
1990 Champion Rockets
1989 Champion Thunderbay Broomhandler's - 2nd Place Tony Jaros
1987 Champion Tony Jaros - 2nd Place Mr. Bob's
1986 Champion Videtron Montreal - 2nd Place Winnipeg Rockies

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