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Most Major Tounament Wins Among Active American Players
Submitted By: Global Broomball Magazine on September 28, 2018 at 3:57:20 PM

For purposes of this list we will only be counting the verifiable totals from the Men's MSF State Elite/A. MRPA AA. USA Broomball National, USBA Nationals, North American Championships, The International Championships, Syracuse Can/Am, Saskatoon Gold Broom, and Global Championships

Records are incomplete from a variety of invitational tournaments including The Meltdown, TC Open, Riverside Classic, Sin City Showdown, St Paul Winter Carnival, Duluth Shoot-out etc... If The Mag were to factor in totals from just what we can confirm from those events, the Macalus total shoots to over an astonishing one hundred tournament championships! The Hackner total lands somewhere near 80 titles. Think about that for a moment. A player starting at the A level at age 20 would have to average 3-4 tournment titles a year, for TWENTY FIVE years!!!!

Top Ten Major Championships Among Active American Players
1. Tommy Macalus - Fred's Tire, Hansen Sports, USA Blue/Blues, USA Hawks, Barrie's Tavern
42 Championships

2. Ira Hackner - Jaros/Wolves, Jaros/CH Anderson, USA Blue, Barons, USA Hawks
27 Championships

3. tie Casey/Sean Gibbons - Blues, Skinners Pub, USA Hawks, Barrie's Tavern
24 Championships

5. Kurt Nelson - Blues, Skinners Pub, Barrie's Tavern
22 Championships

6. Craig Garcia - Blues, Inferno, Barrie's Tavern
21 Championships

7. Chippy Oneil - Blues, Barrie's Tavern
20 Championships

8. Corey Swanson - QA, Inferno,Geez/C&L Excavating
19 Championships

9. Tom Vandewalker - Inferno, Geez/C&L Excavating
18 Championships

10. Quinn Schmitt -QA, USA Red, Blues, Barrie's tavern
15 Championships

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