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2018 Top 75 Men’s World Rankings
Submitted By: Global Broomball Magazine on April 17, 2018 at 11:01:21 AM

This is the one everyone waits for. USA Broomball loves The Mag, it drives the hits!! Last year’s World Rankings set a still standing message board record with over 290,000 views. The Mag’s rankings have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and websites world-wide. Don’t believe us? Google broomball rankings and you will find us reprinted everywhere!

We make teams happy, we infuriate others. Controversy creates cash (wrestling fans will recognize that one!) There is a method, it’s been mentioned here frequently. It’s been reproduced often. You receive ranking points for tournament participation and order of finish. Tournaments are weighted based on the quality of teams entered. A six team tournament, where all six teams are ranked in the top 15 is worth more than a 32 team tourney without any ranked teams. When things are close (and sometimes it is within a fraction of who gets ranked ahead of whom) more weight is given to teams who finish strongly in the year ending events. Example March/April National, International, Provincial, and State tournament results factor in higher than Sept, Oct, Nov results, when things are equal or near equal between teams.

The annual “yeah but” disclaimer. The Mag has no way of knowing who is playing for whom at each and every tournament. We assume all teams enter tournaments with the hopes of finishing as highly placed as possible. “Yeah but we didn’t have all our guys” “Yeah but we only go to that tournament to party” “Yeah but we didn’t play together all year” “Yeah but they picked up Joey Baggadonuts”. Doesn’t matter to us.

So without further preamble, and to quote our favorite horse-track announcer. “Load em up and let em rip”

1. Ottawa Nationals – ON
Captured their 4th CBF National Championship. One of the most decorated teams of the last 15 years reclaims their spot atop the broomball world! How’s that for spot on analysis fellas? The Mag salutes you!

2. Manitoba Bison’s – MB
Here we go! Only on #2 and we already have our first “Holy Shit” moment. Before you start lighting up our toll free 1-800 number with one hit wonder comments, take a peek at who they beat at Nat’s. They also won three other tournaments this year, including the prestigious Gold Broom.

3. Patriotes – QB
The 2017 CBF National Champions looked to be on a roll winning the highly regarded Canada Cup, as well as simply crushing ASTCDM to win the Quebec Provincial. Stumbled three times at Nat’s however, causing a slight ranking fall.

4. As de St Couer de Marie – QB
Holders of the longest team name in the sport, these Quebecer’s defeated Lacombe for the bronze at CBF Nat’s. Also finished runner-up to the Patriotes in the always hotly contested Quebec Provincials.

5. Lacombe – ON
The two time defending Ontario Provincial champs settle for 4th place at their first ever Senior A Nationals.

6. Ballbroomer’s – ON
3rd place Ontario Provincials

7. Chiefs – QB
3rd place Quebec Provincials

8. C&L Excavating – MN
The first of the American teams to appear. CL had been relying heavily on their goaltender all year, but the entire team contributed in capturing the USA Broomball National Championship

9. Barrie’s Tavern – MN/NY
These guys looked to be a lock for a top three spot in the world through December, as they won
Championships in Vegas, as well as the MN Meltdown and the North American all before the 1st of the year. A 3rd place finish at the Minnesota State Championships, and a particularly horrendous Nationals blasted them completely out of that conversation.

10. Kelly Lake – MN
The Minnesota State Champions are quite possibly America’s best hope for success at the redline, contact, 5x7, international style game. The parity in Minnesota broomball this year has been great for fans and players alike, but if all the talent stays diluted between the top five North Star State teams they are going to be in for a rude awakening as they host the 2018/19 World Championships.

11. Odessa Renegades – SK
12. MN Chiefs – MN
13. Bruno Axemen – SK
14. Gladiatuers – QB
15. Minto Selects - ON
16. Phantoms – ON
17. Sphinx – QB
18. Furious – MN
19. Legion BC – USA
20. Glengarry Selects - ON
21. Valley Gamblers - ON
22. Barons – SK
23. CS Terrebone –QB
24. Warriors – ON
25. GT Quebec – QB
26. Valley Canucks – ON
27. Imperium – QB
28. Muskrats – MN
29. Border City Sharks – ON
30. Nordic Stars – MN
31. Rochester United – MN
32. Special K – ON
33. Sticks & Stones – MN
34. Toitures Joel – QB
35. Syracuse Outlaws – NY
36. C+ - IN
37. Golden Boys - ON
38. Italian National Team
39. Wolves – MN
40. Legends - ON
41. Cowboys -AB ( scarce info from that province, but this is about where they historically slot)
42. Super Troopers – ON
43. Maconnerie Lavigne – QB
44. Fargo Warriors – ND
45. A Few Good Men – ON
46. Legends – SK
47. Swiss National Team
48. MN Bombers – MN
49. Vikings – ON
50. Laurentides – QB
51. NJ Saints – NJ
52. Australian National Team
53. Snipers – ON
54. Video Clip – QB
55. Superior Machine - MN
56. Watkins Legion – MN
57. Tonka Lift – MN
58. Warriors – SK
59. Legislators – District of Columbia
60. Daniel Source du Sport – QB
61. Bombers – OH
62. Wranglers – MN
63. Sting - ON
64. Japan National Team
65. Miami U – OH
66. Top Shelf – MD
67. Mel’s Boys –MN
68. Station 280 - MN
69. German National Team
70. Angry Beavers - MN
71. U of Nebraska – NB
72. French National Team
73. Ice Pirates – MN
74. Boston Broomings – MA
75. Brooms of Steel - PA

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