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American Men's Top 25 - 2018 Final Edition
Submitted By: Global Broomball Magazine on April 16, 2018 at 11:56:19 AM

1. C&L Excavating – Albertville MN
They won the big prize! 2018 National Champions! They were also very close to winning The International, losing out in OT to BT.

2. Barrie’s Tavern – Minneapolis MN/ Syracuse NY
America’s Team (that was sarcasm, before any of you fanatics or your wife’s start chirping in!) was awful in Nat’s, much to the delight of the crowd! A 1-2 performance was a complete embarrassment for them. 5 tourney titles in 17/18, and The USA Broomball Triple Crown Championship earn them the #2 slot.

3. Kelly Lake – Apple Valley MN
They cashed in twice, kicking off the year with the TC Open Championship in July, and then again in March with the MSF State Championship. The Laker’s were seen wearing the same stunned look as Barrie’s after Furious defeated them both in the National QF and SF respectively.

4. MN Chiefs – Minneapolis MN
The team was a final four contender in every tournament they competed in, but failed to find the winner’s circle in any of them. After falling on their faces in the first half of the National SF to CL, they nearly pulled off one of the most spectacular comebacks in Nationals history, rallying from four goals down with under 11 minutes left, to close the gap to 4-3 with two minutes left.

5. Furious – Minneapolis MN
Wow! What a run at Nat’s! The Goldsheet said they might be giantslayers in the QF’s or SF’s,
and slay the giants they did. KO’d Barrie’s 1-0 in the QF’s, repeated with the same formula v Kelly Lake in a 2-1 SF win, and THEN…. almost repeated their 2013 Oxford Miracle before bowing out in OT to C&L 3-4 in one of the most entertaining National Championships in recent memory. The Mag salutes the effort Furious!

6. Legion BC – Various Locations
Peaked too early! Won the Can/Am in style, but then hit a monster wall at both the International and Nationals, as they went a combined 0-6 v the teams ranked ahead of them, getting outscored 13-2 in the process.

7. Muskrats – Blaine MN
Winners of the MSF B State Championship and USA Broomball B National Championship will be tested in 18/19 as a reclassified A team.

8. Nordic Stars – Minneapolis MN
2nd place International Intermediate Division. Took a pass on Nationals, played at the A level all year.

9. Rochester United – Rochester MN
Defeated Barrie’s 2-1 in OT at Nat’s after putting in a highly respected 3-2 record at the International.

10. Sticks & Stones – Minneapolis MN
Had a very good season in the Augsburg league. Faded a bit at Nat’s in blowout losses to C&L and Barrie’s.

11. Syracuse Outlaws – Syracuse NY
12. C+ - Eastern Region
13. Wolves – Blaine MN * International Intermediate Champions
14. Fargo Warriors – Fargo ND
15. MN Bombers – Minneapolis MN
16. NJ Saints – New Jersey
17. Superior Machine – Duluth MN
18. Watkins Legion – Watkins MN
19. Tonka Lift – Mound MN
20. Legislators – District of Columbia
21. Ohio Bombers – Dayton OH
22. Wranglers – Minneapolis MN
23. Miami U – Oxford OH
24. Top Shelf – Baltimore MD
25. Mel’s Boys – Blaine MN

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