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Ham Lake Snow Bowl results all divisions
Submitted By: HLCC on February 11, 2018 at 11:19:24 PM

Championship:Twin Cities Boiler Repair 1 Met X 0 OVERTIME
3rd Place: NO B.S. 3 Brighton Blasters 2 Consolation: Indiana 1 Brothers Bar Gophers 0
Championship: Artic Blast 5 Black Ice 1
3rd place: Lumberjacks beat Icebreakers and Consolation Indiana over IB2
Championship: District V 12 Dangles 4
3rd Place: Columbus 5 Kutters 4 OT
Thanks to the City of Ham Lake, Ham Lake Chamber of Commerce, Snowbowl Committee and Majestic Oaks for the wonderful facilities and support over these many years.
Special kudos to those that make the trip up to Ham Lake on an annual basis. Thanks to the men in stripes who worked straight through on each event.

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