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Dale Earnhardt Jr. playing MN outdoor broomball
Submitted By: Jes on February 2, 2018 at 9:16:36 PM

Yesterday (Thursday) Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Rutledge Wood spent the day filming with NBC Sports participating in ice fishing, snowmobiling and playing broomball all on Lake Minnetonka. A special segment will air during the 1.5 hr NBC superbowl pre-game show on Sunday. I was told it will probably be 3 minutes long with 45 seconds worth of broomball footage and more than likely will appear towards the end of the pre-game show.

Today on the Dan Patrick show Dale Earnhardt Jr. discussed what it was like to play broomball in Minnesota. Out of all of the activities he participated in yesterday, he noted "..there's this thing called broomball .. that was probably the funnest thing that we did"

Dan Patrick Interview:

Dale Jr's Twitter Feed where he mentions playing broomball:

Rutledge Wood's Instagram page where he mentions how much fun Dale Jr. had on his first day on the job at NBC Sports:

Eventually more photos of our broomball scrimmage with Dale and Rutt will be posted on our Lord Fletcher's Broomball league's facebook page:

** special thanks to Instant Replay Sports and Blue Ox Broomball for providing me gear to lend to the celebs and camera guys **

Dale Jr. on Broomball

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