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Syracuse Can-Am Final Results
Submitted By: Kevin, Rich, Dave on January 7, 2018 at 3:02:06 PM

We would like to thank all of the teams that came to this years Syracuse Can-Am. What a tremendous display of talent put on from all of the teams. It was a fantastic weekend of broomball!
For next years Can-Am, we will add a C/D division on the men's side. If we get to 8 women's teams we will add a B champion. We feel that all teams from all levels should have the opportunity to experience the many different styles and talents the Can-Am provides from both American and Canadian teams. It is an event the entire broomball community should be a part of.

1. Legion (A Winners)
2. Valley Gamblers
3. (Tie) Barries Tavern, Helicopters
4. Outlaws (B Winners)
5. Vikings
6. (Tie) Quinte Merchants, Oshawa MOB
7. (Tie) J. Ryans, TSG

1. Dynamites
2. Osgoode Nighthawks
3. (Tie) Straight From Minnesota, Baltimore Broomstormers
4. (Tie) Ice Holes, DC Agents

For complete scores and standings:

Again, thank you to all participants.

Kevin, Rich, Dave

Syracuse Indoor Sports Center

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